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By Husbands For Husbands is a service that helps husbands creatively romance their wives.  It was created by two husbands who decided to convince their wives that they could be very romantic.  Our goal is to reverse the trend of decaying marriages by equipping husbands to invest in their most valuable human relationship – the one with their wife.



1. Joseph Roberts - April 17, 2007

Thank God!

2. Scott Steiner - July 25, 2007

What a great site. Thanks for so many resources that hep to breath fresh air into our marriages. Keep up the great work.

3. kyle - July 30, 2007

Hi GUYS How can I get my wife to come home at a decent time during the week.SHE is constantly working 12-13 hour days,coming home complaining about how tired she is feeling,and about whatever is wrong in the house.I WORK 55 HOURS A WEEK but she expects the house to be cleaner.i don’t mind helping out but my patience is wearing thin.

4. Jeff - September 9, 2007

My name is Jeff and I have created GODSurfer.com. I am a huge Internet fan, I am a programmer by trade and I love the Internet. The mission of GODSurfer.com is to bring Christian related Articles, Blogs and Sites to everyone that is interested in Christianity. You may ask, what is Christan related Articles, Blogs and Sites? Well that is a good question. This site is a tool to spread the good word of Jesus Christ to the world. This includes all faiths of Christianity (Catholic, Baptist, Lutheran, and Christian Non-Denominational). Although GODSurfer.com is tolerant of other religions and point of views. The main point of GODSurfer.com is to spread the word of GOD to everyone who comes across this site.

The best thing about this site is that it is you, the user of GODSurfer.com that will post the URL’s of the articles, blogs and sites to GODSurfer.com so everyone can view what you are viewing. GODSurfer.com is very closely modeled after social networking sites such as: digg and reddit. Where the users can vote on stories that are interesting. The more votes the stories get, the longer it stays visible on the front page. That is how it works here at GODSurfer as well! (coming soon) Stories that are non-Christian, negative or stories that have very little value to the mission of this site will be buried and removed from the site.

So now you are wondering what’s the catch. Normally messages like this ask for reciprocal links. Well I’m not going to do that. Really all I’m doing is letting you know about my site. Check it out, see if your site has been added yet. Of Course if you want to trade links I’m more then willing. Just let me know.

Have a great day!


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