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Feedback From Wives

March 2007

We recently conducted a survey of 994 women. The theme of the survey was “How should husbands date their wives?”. We received many notes from wives who were thrilled with the way their husbands were already romancing them. Here is an excerpt from one of the E-Mails we received.

From “Anonymous” 

I am also pretty frugal so my idea of what is romantic and from the heart may be very different from someone else’s.

The true value is in the sentiment and the thought behind the gift not necessarily the gift.

To me, it’s the everyday attention that is most important, the hug in the morning…the hug for no reason at all….the calling to say “let’s have lunch together”…..Catching that earlier flight to be home sooner or a night early.

My husband is also my best friend. He knows me, understands me and believes in me more than anyone else on the face of the earth.  He is my biggest supporter and my kindest critic.

He is not one to buy lots of presents. I am not sure how I would be if someone did because no one in my life ever has.  When he does manage to come up with something, it is usually very thoughtful. 

For example, I have a set of wind chimes.  They are perfectly tuned and handmade to a certain scale (and very expensive).  He bought me one set for my Christmas present one year.  Over the past few years, he has added to the collection for this scale in different sizes.

Wind Chime    Wind Chimes

When the wind blows, it is like a set of church bells in the yard and quite calming.  But more importantly, there is a sense of his presence when they chime.  It is a present that forever speaks to me.



1. Steve - May 2, 2007

This sounds like our marriage, although I have not been as kind in my criticism at times. I am her biggest fan…the most awesome woman I’ve ever known.

She calls me a romantic and views herself as fairly unemotional for a woman. Like your husband I tend to do the little daily things. Our dates are pretty romantic and fun and I like to think of new things to do together although I think I can.

I like to create a real romantic setting in our bedroom or wherever we are (low lights, music, props, etc.) and she really likes it. She has even come up with great romantic ideas herself.

2. bebenibadoodles - September 12, 2007

My Badoodles is the only person in the world in whose presence i could just be myself. I could brat around and be moody yet i would still get a hug and the attention which i live for. I am an attention freak and he feeds my ego everytime he tells me that i am beautiful and when he does… i always believe!

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