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What about sex? March 17, 2007

Posted by Gerry Baron in Marriage, Sex.

Just read this article.  It was interesting to read an article by a woman that points out the importance of sex in the marriage.  She acknowledges that sex is a top priority for the husband and encourages wives to respond to their husbands. 

More importantly as it relates to us as husbands, she points out that…

For Us, Wives:

Most of us can live without it. For us it is number 3 or 4 on the list of importance. It is what comes before and after that matters to us. We need the closeness aspect more than the actual act. We need NON sexual touching.  We need to just cuddle.  We need good providers. We need affection. Conversation. We need them to be good Fathers. We need them to be in relationship with the Lord.

Those are the important matters to us. Again, there are exceptions…but for the most part this is the norm.

A woman feels wanted and sexy when her husband pursues her. He fulfills her need of acceptance. Especially as Mothers. Our bodies cannot compete with the unrealistic covers of magazines. When our husbands desire us…it feels good. It helps us to move beyond the “what we look like” mind set. (Read the full article at Sex and the Christian Marriage, Part 2.)

Our wives want us to pursue her.  Although it is our nature as hunters to be focused on the hunt, we can’t give up pursuit of our wives just because “we caught her.”  That’s why we have to find a way to do little things that let our wives know that we want them more than any other woman we can ever lay our eyes on.