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Radio Interview – Phil Van Treuren, founder of Romance Tracker September 25, 2007

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Phil Van Treuren

September 25th @ 9PM.

Join Gerry Baron & Steve Worthy as we discuss romantic ideas with Phil Van Treuren, founder of Romance Tracker.

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Honey, its Wednesday…time for Sex… July 1, 2007

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Time for Sex

– Two kids, 6 and 3
– Wife in Grad School
– Teaching at two different colleges
– Just started back in Grad School
– Running two businesses

Who has time for sex? I know most of you guys can either relate or you let out a big “Gasp”. Blasphemy…Blasphemy… Well to be very honest, most guys including myself are always ready for sex. We can be dead tired from a long day of work and dealing with that insufferable boss. But, let our wife come out of the room with some sexy lingerie on and BONG, “Private Johnson reporting for Duty!!!”

The truth of the matter is most marriages are busy and intimacy wanes in comparison with other activities. So one day my wife presented the idea of having set days in the week for Sex. At first I was like, “are you crazy, I want our lovemaking to spontaneous and fun…having set days takes the fun out of it.” On the contrary, it actually increases the awareness and anticipation. Just imagine it’s Wednesday afternoon and you have been having a rotten day, reports upon reports, bad email after bad email and now you’re stuck in traffic. You remember, “Dude, its Wednesday, Private Johnson Reporting for Duty”. Second, since women are wired differently than men, your wife has been getting herself worked up all day. You see women are like Crotch pots, they take some time to get things warm, but when its time, its time. Men of course are like light switches, flick the switch and we are on. Poor analogies, but you get my meaning.

Now let me say this having set days does not remove the quickies in between each day. Also it’s not saying you have to do it on those exact days. Set days are really just a bookmark for the couple. These are set times for intimacy which could be used for sex, movies, dates or cuddling – Just cuddling Guys. I know that sucks, but hey if it makes her happy, then do it.

What do you think?


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Stressed Executive

Most husbands deal with this issue and their marriages are suffering as a result. This problem is real and the societal pressures do not make it easier. The pressure for success and financially prowess can drive men and women to life filled with long hours and estranged relationships. This problem affects your romantic life, sexual life, interpersonal relationships and ability grow long lasting and trustworthy friendships. So take the quiz and discovery if you are a Workaholic.

How to tell if you are an extreme worker:

– Do you find your enjoyment of social activities is less? Are you thinking or worrying about work?
– Does your family complain about your work hours? If so, that may be a sign you are an extreme worker.
– Are you the last one to leave the office?

Tips to curb overwork:

– Acknowledge that you have a problem, that you are a victim of work rather than the master of it.
– Establish concrete boundaries, such as specific days that you will not work late.
– Enlist help. Make a co-worker force you to leave the office at a certain time. Enlisting social support is important.

Source: Ken Siegel, of Beverly Hills, president of The Impact Group, a group of psychologists who consult with the management of leading global companies.

Read the article Below:

Hi, I’m Joan, and I’m a workaholic

What is a Marriage??? May 30, 2007

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arguing couple

“I love her, she loves me and we want to make a family”… I know that is bad prose. Many couples feel these are the only ingredients for a solid marriage. Let me be a little transparent, over the past two days my wife and I have been in a, let’s call it a, “vigorous discussion”. It has not been fun to say the least; feelings have been hurt and words have been spoken that cannot be taken back. Is this marriage or a natural occurrence in marriage? Why do couples who claim to love one another, use that love against them, in some cases? If it gets too tough, “should I leave or should she leave”?

These are the questions that run through the mind of many couples when a misunderstanding turns into a discussion which turns into a debate which turns into an argument which turns into a drawn-out “vigorous discussion”. When does it end, when is it settled? When the other person gets the last word or when you shut off communication, fold your arms and stop breathing like a child? Who wins; you, your spouse, the kids? In my opinion, No one wins.

So what is Marriage? I believe there are actually two reasons for marriage – to procreate and provide a picture of Christ’s love for the church. In my opinion, I believe marriage is a process to turn you into something you have never been before; a husband, a wife. As adults we have had several experiences and relationships that have transformed us into something we had not been before those experiences or relationships.

First, I have several siblings, so through these relationships I have learned how to be a good brother. Second, I have several friends and throughout my life I have learned how to be a better friend to my friends. Lastly, I have learned in my 37 years on this earth to honor my parents. But, I have never been a husband before and have only been one for eight (8) years. Thus:

– I never had the responsibility of an entire family riding on my every decision.
– I never had to submit to someone else.
– I never had to keep my emotions in check.
– I never had to sacrifice so much of my own life for the lives of those around me.
– I never had to put the needs of others before my own.

Are these excuses? Quite the contrary, these are some of the stark realities for most men who are turning into husbands.

Well I know you’re wondering what will be the outcome in my personal situation. Stay tuned. I’ve decided to take the high road. I’m not typically good at this. But, I believe that certain situations occur in a marriage as a necessary step in your transformation as a husband. It’s easy to be a loving and sensitive guy when things are going well, but what about those times in our marriage when things are contentious. How do we react then? These are the true tests of how much you love your wife and your willingness to sacrifice your personal feelings to make things better.

What do you think?

Are husbands attractive to other women? April 29, 2007

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 Couple flirting

The other day I went shopping with my wife and as a typical guy, I went to visit the sporting goods and electronic sections to check out some stuff. Upon entering the sporting goods section, I stopped by the golf clubs and noticed a very attractive woman looking at me out of the corner of my eye. I turned and said, “Hello”. She replied, “Hello, are you a golfer?” “Oh yeah, I’ve been playing for about 13 years”, I said. We began to converse about clubs, different golf courses and I realized that she was well versed in golf terminology and history. I also noticed that she keep touching my arm. You know how woman do when they are talking. Their hands tend to move in a patting motion, while touching the person they are speaking with.

After about 10 ten minutes, I said to myself, “This lady is flirting with me.” My first thought was, “Wow, I still have it.” My second thought was, “Show Her the Ring” – (My Wedding Ring). So, I began by placing my left hand on my chin as she was speaking in an effort to say, “Look lady, I’m married, stop flirting with me and move onto the next guy.” So after another 3 minutes or so I began to look at my watch in an attempt to make my exit, only to be handed a business card – by the attractive lady – to call her to play a round golf. In my opinion, she was waiting for me to reciprocate, however, I did not.

When I found my wife, I told what happen and showed her the card. She looked at me and said, “Are you serious” and began laughing. I said, “Oh, another woman can’t find me attractive?” She replied, “No, it’s just that I never really think about another woman finding my husband attractive. Second, I’m just surprised you told me about it. Then again, I can see why women would find you attractive. Point her out to me.”

So, I began thinking, “What would most husbands do in this situation?

Would most husbands bask in the glory that an Attractive Woman is speaking with them?

Would most husbands tell their wives about the encounter?

Would most husbands keep the business card and set up a round of golf?

What do you think? What would you do?

Deadly “diggity” March 25, 2007

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We think we have it rough with our wives.  After you read about the blanket octopus, you’ll count your blessings. 

Male octopus is a sucker for big girls who kill him after sex

The male blanket octopus faces a significant gender imbalance – he is just two centimetres long, while the female of the species can measure up to two metres.

Blanket octopus 

And as if being 100 times smaller than his mate wasn’t bad enough, he dies right after having sex with her.

A senior curator at the Melbourne Museum, Mark Norman, who recently found a living specimen on the Great Barrier Reef, said that until now the male had only been discovered dead in trawls and plankton nets.

His achievement in capturing and photographing a live one has been documented in a recent paper for the New Zealand Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research.

According to the article, the male blanket octopus is, technically speaking, “the most extreme example of sexual size-dimorphism in a non-microscopic animal … such dimorphism is not seen in any other animal remotely as large”.

Dr Norman said: “There’s no other critters on that scale that have such a significant difference between the male and female.”

The two-metre female weighs at least 10,000 times as much as the male, sometimes up to 40,000 times as much.

This could make the question of position rather delicate, but as it turns out it doesn’t matter. The male, it seems, relies on its arm as much as its penis to have sex.

This reproductive arm, known as a hectocotylus, is tucked away in a white spherical pouch between its other arms. When males mate, the pouch ruptures, the penis injects sperm into the tip of the arm, the arm is severed, and passed to the female.

It stays there until used to fertilise the female’s eggs, which can be weeks later.

And while the human post-orgasm is sometimes referred to as “the little death”, for the male blanket octopus the term takes on literal meaning. The male dies, but the female carries on, free to have sex with more males.

It’s kamikaze sex, effectively,” said Dr Norman. “They’ve found females with up to six male arms in the gill cavity.”

But how did it get that way? Males compete with each other to fertilise the female, explained Dr Norman. Being small allows the male to mature earlier, and allows for better protection using its tentacle segments.

Let’s be glad that we don’t have the same challenges as this creature:

  1. His woman is waaaaay bigger than he is.
  2. He dies after he gets some the 1st time.

How are you treating your “body”? March 21, 2007

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What rights over our wives bodies do we have as husbands? 

Here’s an article, “Godly Husbands: How are you treating your ‘body'” that takes the position that if according to Scripture our wife’s body is ours, AND we are to love our neighbor, that means that there are certain times that we are going to have to choose not to exercise our ownership for the good of our wives. 

We have to be more understanding and patient when our wives are tired and not in the mood.  How difficult is it for you to put aside your desire for your wife and stop to think about how she feels? 

It’s not an easy thing for me to do.  Being a “microwave”, it doesn’t take much for me to be ready to go.  However, my wife is a “crockpot” so it takes her a longer time and a lot more prepartion to get her in the mood.

How do I deal with this to keep from getting frustrated? 

The wrong way I deal with it is to get upset and impatient.  I usually know when I’m taking this route when I find myself flipping my back to her and moving away. 

The better way I deal with it is to ask her about her day so I can get an appreciation for what she’s been through.  I also do things she likes such as rubbing her feet, scratching her back, massaging her shoulders, or just plain cuddling her.  It’s funny how these little things so often loosen her up.  Although I can’t say that it works every time, even when it doesn’t I feel less frustrated.

 Gentlemen, let’s start taking better care of our “body”.