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Geeky Proposals April 3, 2007

Posted by Gerry Baron in Getting Married, Husbands are doing, Marriage Proposals.
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Being creatures of few words, the marriage proposal can be one of the most difficult things for us to do as men.  In my case, I went the old fashion route and asked my fiancee’s father for his permission to ask his daughter to marry me.  As for the proposal, I missed out on the element of surprise because my fiancee found the ring before I could pull everything together.  I should have learned then just how difficult it would be to hide anything from her!

Out on the web I came across some unconventional and creative marriage proposals that I thought I’d share with you.

Press F12 and Say “Yes” 

Bjorn, a Computer Science student at Trinity Western University proposed to his girlfriend Jenny using a Mac Dashboard widget.  Jenny detailed the story on her blog saying:

Mac Proposal

He gave me his computer and actually told me his password (no I will NOT repeat it!), which is kind of a big deal because we had an argument about how he never tells me his passwords! then tells me to press F12 like a true Computer science major, and up pops a picture of the ring he’d bought for me, and a little proposal. He then got on his knees and confessed his true love for me.

Commercial Break

Rand Fishkin had been wanting to propose to his girlfriend for a while and suddenly realized “this was the girl for me for now and forever.” Being a huge NFL fan he figured the best way to do it would be to propose to her on the big game – in front of 130 million viewers. (In case you’re wondering, that just happens to be the largest audience of witnesses to an engagement in history.)

Rand raised more than $75,000 from his website Super Proposal, but the Super Bowl ads for 2007 sold out and after a media blitz and offers from advertisers to make the proposal happen, he opted to air a homemade proposal video during Veronica Mars, which is his gal’s favorite show. 

My Super Proposal Click here to see the video of Rand’s proposal and Geraldine’s reaction 

For those of you wondering about the funds, the couple is planning to donate the funds to Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital – the nation’s most important facilities for sick and suffering kids. “I’ve never wanted to make money out of this project; just make a proposal, so unless the funds can somehow help with that goal, they’re going to Vanderbilt.”