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By Husbands For Husbands – Interview… July 26, 2007

Posted by Steve Worthy in About Us, Business Development, Entrepreneurship, Manhood.
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Please don’t miss this interview with Kristina Tomaz – Young of VC-TV.

VCTV is proud to feature:

… provocative conversations with start-ups that not everyone knows about, but ideally should (!),

… frank chats with smart idea backers (venture caps, angel investors and advisors) with impressive batting records who help finance and coach the start-ups,

… wise wisdom from biz gurus (leaders of successful start-ups, whose bold ideas and strategic actions propelled their relentless, high performing companies forward)



Feature Interview… July 23, 2007

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Hello everyone, we at By Husbands for Husbands want you check out an awesome five part interview of our company.


Kristina Tomaz-Young is founder of VCTV – Venture Cap TV where they connect exciting start-ups on the rise with solid investors. The interview is a five part series. Its a must read as we have provided some solid insight into our concept and its future plans for growth and expansion.

To Read Click Here…

The Big Lie June 10, 2007

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In Jail 

This morning my wife and I were discussing the level of intimacy that we are experiencing right now.  It’s remarkable to both of us because we are more intimate than we have ever been before.  Neither one of us ever thought that it would be possible.

Nearly 20 years ago on the second day of our honeymoon, a confession was made.  The response to that confession set our marriage on a course of destruction for the next 19 years because of the big lie – “Things will never be the same again”. 

This single false statement framed our thoughts, feeligs, and actions.  It opened the door to unforgiveness, bitterness, anger, wrath, revenge, contempt, and infidelity.  As long as our circumstances were viewed through the filter of this lie, it was impossible for us to see the truth about the other person.  One example of how this work is the interpretation of what happened at that fateful moment on my honeymoon.

When the confession was made, the immediate thoughts were:

  • “How could they do this to me?”
  • “How could I have been so deceived?”
  • “Why didn’t they tell me before?”
  • “What did I do to deserve this?
  • “Why did you allow this to happen God?”

These are genuine questions that fueled genuine emotions of disappointment and anger.   Because of the big lie, there was no possiblity of believing that there was a good reason for what happened.  And that’s why it’s a big lie…

The reality of the situation is that the root of the incident that had to be confessed was fear and insecurity.  The action taken was driven by those lies and was covered up by another lie – “they’re probably doing the same thing too”.  Once the big lie was recognized and discarded, the perspective changed.  Instead of the injured party viewing the incident as “something that was done to them”, they saw it as “the unfortunate results of the other person’s human frailty”.  What a difference that made! 

Grace, forgiveness, and compassion flowed with the elimination of the big lie.  All the other negative emotions dissipated.

We all live with big lies in our lives.  The problem is that we generally do not have the courage to root them out.  We develop defense mechanisms that allow us to cope with them and ultimately become prisoners to these lies.

Free yourself!  Have the guts to examine the big lies in your life and break free from their chains.  Live a full life.  Enjoy your spouse.

We are “On the Air” April 17, 2007

Posted by Gerry Baron in About Us.
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Talk Show Button

In our continuing effort to create an environment in which we can help each other improve the ways in which we romance our wives, we are launching a radio talk show.

Every Tuesday at 7:00 PM, Steve and I will be sharing our views on the topic of husbands and romance .  We want to hear from you.  Call us to tell us what’s working for you.  Share your Hero Moments with us.  Ask us questions.  Challenge us. 

Get involved with the show in one or more of the following ways…

  1. Listen LIVE @ http://www.blogtalkradio.com/byhusbandsforhusbands
  2. Call in during the show to 718-508-9573
  3. IM questions and comments to AIM Screen Name BH4H

Join our movement to improve marriages.