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10 Romance Ideas.. July 28, 2007

Posted by Steve Worthy in Date Night, Hero Moments, Husbands are doing, romance, Staying Married.

Fly Kite

Here you guys, these are free of charge use them wisely and have fun with it. You can always take these ideas and put your own spin on them.

1. Touch
Touch your spouse lovingly at least five times a day. Kissing, hugging, and hand-holding are all healthy touch points. Try to make each touch point meaningful, letting your spouse know that he or she is in your thoughts every day.

2. Talk
The average couple talks only four minutes a day. It’s no wonder spouses don’t feel close and loved. Four days a week, plan at least 45 minutes when you can be alone together and do something you both enjoy. These aren’t times to talk about problems, but rather to increase your easy-going time together.

3. Date
One night a week, come hell or high water, you and your spouse should go out alone to enjoy each other’s company. You can do anything, go anywhere, and talk about anything except three things: money, children, and work (unless it’s exciting stuff – for example, I got a promotion).

4. Have a honeymoon night
At least once a month, plan a fabulous night of romance and lovemaking. Plan the details: a wonderful meal; a fun time out on a date; a romantic movie – anything that screams ‘romance’ to you. Make this the recharging night that will advance your relationship beyond words.

5. Bring her flowers that remind you of her and write her a poem, celebrating her.

6. Surprise her with romantic dinner out – don’t tell her where you are going.

7. Take her dancing and treat her as if it’s your first date.

8. Fill the house (or just the bedroom) with candles and flowers, and spend the whole evening along with her.

9. Spend an hour at sunset telling her what you cherish about her and how she adds to your life.

10. Leave a note under her windshield wiper at work.



1. eddie - July 28, 2007

I’ll be honest some of that seems way to “MUSHY” for me. Over 50% of them though sound great! I think and agree that men should do at least 3/4 of these with their spouse. I also found that 4min a day talking to their wife pretty alarming and sad… Keep that good info coming Steve, I really enjoy reading the blogs.

2. Young Werther - July 30, 2007

Yes, yes and yes…except for the candles 🙂

3. Revka - August 6, 2007

Great ideas – I know I would love all of these. 🙂

4. Diana Getzer - October 25, 2007

Why do you guys always want to surprise with a dinner out? Cook her a nice & romantic dinner at home. She’ll love it & be surprised too. You’ll see.

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