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Marriage Expiration… June 8, 2007

Posted by Steve Worthy in Appreciation, Getting Married, Humor, Marriage, Marriage Jokes, Staying Married.


What if your Marriage license expired, would your renew it? What if you were required to take a short test before you renewed it? Would you pass or fail? I know it depends on the content of the test, right?

Here in America their is an expiration date of pretty everything, right:

– Driver License

– Car Tags

– GMAT Scores

– Food

– Coffee

– Coupons

– Bottled Water – Go Figure??

– Apartment Leases

– Car Leases

– Various Professional Certifications

It appears that some of the most vital things in our life have a expiration date associated with it. When we initially obtain these various license(s) above, most of them require some studying and testing, some require a college degree from an accredited school, and some require that you study for a certain number years as an apprentice under a “seasoned” professional in you field, right. Lastly, when these certification and licenses do expires in order for us to renew them we have to take some sort of refresher test. Amazing…

However, one of the most vital documents and/or convenants we can obtain and enter into, a Marriage License, does not have an expiration date or require any testing before obtaining it. What if there was a expiration date associated with your Marriage license and before you obtained it you had to take a mandatory test. Also, when it came time to renew your license, you and your spouse were administered a short test. The quiz would cover areas like humility, sacarifice, marital goals, listening skills and a short essay section that required you to write at least 500 words about your marriage and your plans for the next four years.

So what do you think?

Would you pass or fail the renewal process?

What are those 1 or 2 things in our marriage that have expired that we need to work on and renew?



1. Gerry Baron - June 9, 2007

What a great question! In this society of convenience where marriage is taken so lightly, there would probably be loads of people who would be more than happy to allow their license to lapse and expire. However, the real question is if they had to take a test to renew it, would they pass?
One of the biggest contributors to marital stress is the focus on the other person. In “Radical Love”, the workshop founded by our upcoming guest, Tony Moore, we are taught that “our spouse is not our problem”. <em>(Listen to this segment on on Tuesday June 12 at 9:00 PM @ http://www.blogtalkradio.com/byhusbandsforhusbands)</em>. The tendency is to point out all the things that they are not doing.
How different could things be if marriage partners were willing to examine themselves first and work on those things in themselves that are problems?

2. Bob Smith - September 23, 2007

Interesting concept. Might take a couple generations for it to really transition from the traditional indoctrination of today’s society.

What’s the problem? If you’re happily married then just renew it. I’m not sure a test would work, though. There’s enough uneducated people who can barely vote much less write a 500 word essay on why they should stay married. Married folks would be a minority for sure.

Some might think this may make folks take marriage for granted. If anything, it might remind each other (husband & wife) to be good to each other or else. Otherwise, if one or the other has gradually become unpleasant to be with, then you’re kinda stuck; unless a divorce is considered.

If it’s not renewed, then so be it. Each goes their own separate ways and starts a new chapter in their lives. Divorcees do it all the time, usually at a costly price (not just financial).

An expired marriage license could simplify the process to help each move on without being disgruntled couples trying to pull power-plays on each other before the deed is done.

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