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Are husbands attractive to other women? April 29, 2007

Posted by Steve Worthy in Getting Married, Marriage, Sex, Staying Married.

 Couple flirting

The other day I went shopping with my wife and as a typical guy, I went to visit the sporting goods and electronic sections to check out some stuff. Upon entering the sporting goods section, I stopped by the golf clubs and noticed a very attractive woman looking at me out of the corner of my eye. I turned and said, “Hello”. She replied, “Hello, are you a golfer?” “Oh yeah, I’ve been playing for about 13 years”, I said. We began to converse about clubs, different golf courses and I realized that she was well versed in golf terminology and history. I also noticed that she keep touching my arm. You know how woman do when they are talking. Their hands tend to move in a patting motion, while touching the person they are speaking with.

After about 10 ten minutes, I said to myself, “This lady is flirting with me.” My first thought was, “Wow, I still have it.” My second thought was, “Show Her the Ring” – (My Wedding Ring). So, I began by placing my left hand on my chin as she was speaking in an effort to say, “Look lady, I’m married, stop flirting with me and move onto the next guy.” So after another 3 minutes or so I began to look at my watch in an attempt to make my exit, only to be handed a business card – by the attractive lady – to call her to play a round golf. In my opinion, she was waiting for me to reciprocate, however, I did not.

When I found my wife, I told what happen and showed her the card. She looked at me and said, “Are you serious” and began laughing. I said, “Oh, another woman can’t find me attractive?” She replied, “No, it’s just that I never really think about another woman finding my husband attractive. Second, I’m just surprised you told me about it. Then again, I can see why women would find you attractive. Point her out to me.”

So, I began thinking, “What would most husbands do in this situation?

Would most husbands bask in the glory that an Attractive Woman is speaking with them?

Would most husbands tell their wives about the encounter?

Would most husbands keep the business card and set up a round of golf?

What do you think? What would you do?



1. MInTheGap - May 3, 2007

Hard to say what most husbands would do. My coworkers seem to be the ones that wouldn’t take the card but probably wouldn’t tell their wives either. I can’t see them cheating.

However, I’ve also seen some that do things– like go out to lunch with a married woman– that I also wouldn’t expect. I guess it depends on the person.

They would probably bask in the glory, not tell their wives, not set up the round.

2. BlindMan - August 20, 2007

well for men as humans their are guys too If a beautiful women would come to me and filrted like that i would be very bashful.. and on the other hand i would have been so up to makin that apt with her . but my stupid self i would back down because i dont have the guts to go on with it. but how often does this happen to men? My wife says i look like a goddess but i dont pay attention to her and she says she can see women looking at me . figures Im blind.. but
my opinion i would take the number and not to call so they would feel that you knew you was attractive to them . and smothly throw the number away. no harm done and you wont see her again.

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