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Gerry gives his wife 14 Days of Love February 14, 2007

Posted by Gerry Baron in Romantic Husband, Sweet Nothings, Things to do.
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Steve and I were brainstorming about doing something different for Valentine’s Day.  The idea of romancing our wives over the course of several days came up.  We both thought it would be a good idea.  After deciding that we should create something to offer to husbands who responded to our introductory E-Mail by clicking through to our website, I developed the “14 Days of Love” pamphlet. 


One of the ideas in the “14 Days of Love” is called A Word A Day.  This approach begins by finding or writing a 14 word expression of love to your wife.  Once you decide upon the phrase you want to use, you write down each word of the phrase on a card or in a greeting card.  Each day you give your wife a card.  You can either give her the cards in the order that the words in the card show up in the phrase, or you can give them to her in a random order so that she has to figure out the order.  On the last day, give her a beautiful greeting card in which you write out the entire phrase.  Believe me when I tell you that the suspense builds for your wife as she tries to decipher the phrase.

 I used A Word A Day with my wife this Valentine’s Day.  The phrase that I chose was “Other men have seen angels.  But I have seen you, and it is enough.” by George Moore.  I had some blank business cards (Avery #5871) so I used the template to put the each word on an individual card and printed them out.  Every day I found somewhere to put a card – with her intimates, under her pillow, under the sheets on her side of the bed, in her purse, with her makeup, in her car, in her shoes, in her Bible, and with her mail.  After the first few days, she began to lay the cards out on the bed to try to figure out the phrase.  I smiled each time I would see her do this because I knew her curiousity was piqued.

Today, she finally got the last card along with the greeting card in which I spelled out the entire phrase.  She absolutely loved it! 


Winner of 2007 Valentine’s Day Promotion February 14, 2007

Posted by Gerry Baron in Valentine's Day, Vendors.
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The winner of the Valentine’s Day 2007 Promotion is Larry Derstine.

 Larry Derstine with 2007 Valentin

Larry is holding the beautiful custom gift basket created and donated by Thoughtful You Custom Baskets and the gift certificate for a 1/2 Day Couples Spa donated by BELLOGIQUE.

Larry and his wife are certainly going to enjoy this Valentine’s Day, and Larry is certainly a hero in her eyes! 

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